What to Expect



Who are we? 

CHRISTCHURCH at Goshen is a community intentionally embracing the love of God. We are His church intentionally gathered on Sundays and intentionally going into the world to share His love for His glory.  

What should I wear?

Come as you are, it is all welcome. We are much more concerned about your heart than what you are wearing.  You can wear jeans or a coat and tie. Be yourself. 

What is the service like?

We are warmly liturgical, meaning we have an order and distinct purpose to the elements of our service, to focus  on the unique holiness of God and connect us to the presence of the love of Jesus Christ. 

We sing hymns and contemporary songs, with a generally more contemporary feel. We use guitars, piano, keyboard and percussion ... we are not hung up on "style" but we are about singing to the glory of God. We convey truth in song to connect our hearts and minds with the heart of God.
We sing some classics and new songs that express the truth of God's word and speak to truth that God is great and good and gracious and merciful and loving and worthy of our praise ... and ... we want to tell His story in song, in prayer, in and say "Thank You!" to our Lord and Savior Jesus.

What is the environment?

We are welcoming, friendly and intentional about engaging people with the love of Christ. We are not a big church, so for some it can feel like you just stepped into someone's living room, a big living room. We're family - God's family and you are welcome!  We understand going to a new place can be out of "the comfort zone." New stuff and change is risky - but we all came here new once and found that we were welcome and encouraged by the CCG family. 

 Give it a try and know that however you come and whatever your story - it is welcome. 

Will I be asked to give?

It's not about the money!  We take up an offerings - because it's how we pay our bills - and it's one small way we give back to God what He has given to us.