Current Sermon Series

The Bible provides us with story after story of broken people who are met and redeemed by God. Over the next several weeks we will be focusing on nine biblical characters. These men and women have remarkable moments where God met them in their brokenness and worked in their circumstances. The stories are not always pretty, but they are powerful as they display the work and character of God. We want you to see that your story is also a demonstration of God’s love and power, and we hope that as we journey together, you will recognize that your story matters. Wherever God works, there is a story worth telling. 

Sermon: 1/8/17

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Moses story is important because God is in it ... each of our stories are important to ... because the God who made us is in our story.  

Sermon: 1/16/17

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"Kindness is more powerful than force"...Joseph reminds us of the way our story impacts those around us. 

Sermon: 2/22/17

"Have you ever felt socially defective?" Sarah reminds us that we are part of God's plan and He wants us to wrestle with that. 

Sermon: 2/29/17

God uses Ruth to display His redemption. Her story reminds us to be aware of God working through those we don't expect.