If everywhere we look there are nails, then the only tool we need is a hammer...

But life is not that simple. We live in a world broken by sin where our adversary (the Bible calls it Satan) is seeking to destroy us every day. As Christians we often need guidance and encouragement in getting through the daily grind. God has provided us with tools for our journey in His Word! 

The journey begins with the gift of salvation that comes by grace alone (freely given by God, not earned). But like any gift, we unwrap it and enjoy it. The gift of salvation is not just a ticket out of hell, but more importantly it is a relationship with our heavenly Father through Christ. As with any relationship, we are called to participate and engage in growing in the relationship.

This series is about the practical tools God prescribes for growing in our relationship with Him, because in Him we will find our greatest joy and delight in life.