The Bartlett Family 

A word from the Bartlett's in Africa (February 1, 2016)

Dear Praying Friends and Faithful Partners,

Thank you so much for your kindness to us these past 10 months in Africa.  Ten months ago we started a new chapter in our lives, and God’s grace has continued to sustain us here just like it did back home.  Indeed it is his grace that sustains us no matter where we go.  We are weak in our own selves, but through him who overcame, we receive grace upon grace to press on.  “Thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession through Christ and through us he spreads everywhere the knowledge of the glory of him.” – II Corinthians 2:14.

10 praises/prayer requests for 2016:
1.10 months of service in Niger.  May we continue to walk in His grace and find strength.
2.God has helped our children to adjust well these first 10 months.
They are doing well in school and learning some Zarma from their friends on the street.
3.Niger is holding elections February 21, 2016.  Pray for peaceful democratic process.
4.We are thankful for our language teacher.  We recently had an evaluation that showed us we are making great progress in the language.  We will continue to strive on to learn more.
5.We are thankful for our house helper.  Pray for her health and strength and walk with God.
6.We are thankful for our first successful volunteer trip: Mom and Dad came for two weeks last month.  They got to share their testimony several times and many heard about the saving power of our God and Savior.
7.We are thankful for our supervisors.  They had to leave Africa for a few months of rest back home, but in the mean time we have been re-assigned to another couple who will fill in while they are gone.

8.We are thankful for the privilege of telling people about what Jesus Christ did for Gen and I.  We have had growing opportunities over the past several months to share our faith.  On one occasion recently a team from Kentucky came to preach to several villages and Chris had the privilege of translating for some of the team members. It was truly a humbling experience because of our language level at this point.  But the gospel was proclaimed nonetheless, and God gets all the glory even if the message is on par with a child’s vocabulary.

Also Gen and Chris both got to do a good bit of translation work when Chris’ mom and dad visited last month.  It helped boost our language confidence and also again showed us where we need to strengthen our vocabulary.
9.We are thankful for the International Mission Board.  Since David Platt became the new president in 2014, there have been lots of planning and changes being made in order to balance the budget. Please pray that our leadership will have God’s wisdom as they plan and lead.
10.Yes, I am still a Redneck at heart.  I am really thankful for the Toyota 4x4 that the mission provides for their missionary families. We just load up the roof rack with camping supplies, drive out into the dessert savannah, set up camp in the villages, and share Jesus.  I have not gotten stuck in the sand or mud yet.

We want to praise our great King for each of you.  His grace sustains us here and your faith is also being strengthened as you faithfully lift us up before him.   Our prayer for you today is that the King will continue to guide you and keep you in 2016.  We miss you a lot. We think of you often.  May Jesus’ name be lifted high by our faithful obedience in 2016.

Love, Chris and Gen Bartlett (Isaiah, Maria, Shiloh, and Eden)